About Us

The Hoomans Behind Pawvengers

Thank you for dropping by this page where we can talk more about Pawvengers as a brand and our story!

Pawvengers, as you might have guessed, is inspired by the movie series Avengers (my husband and I are both Marvel fans!). We like it in a way that it adds a little cuteness to the powerful word avenger. I mean, doggo in hero suits are practically irresistible, right?

Launched in 2019, Pawvengers' core values is to combine cuteness, humor and animal graphics together. Our designs are passionately crafted by pet parents, for pet parents. We wanted something that resonates with us as pet parents, and we knew that this clothing line would resonate to you as well!


We design the products so that we are proud to show it off in our day to day lives. We wanted it to be comfortable on top anything else, so we've chosen the best materials we could to build on products on. We know you will love it too!

Crafted in United States

Our warehouse is located in United States and majority of our products (tees, leggings, etc) are crafted and printed in the United States of America by hand!

We are a very small team, so the volume may be overwhelming at times. Please allow us 1 to 7 days to get your designs printed and checked before we ship them over.